Monday, June 20, 2022

(Dirty) Dancing in the Workplace

 I don't remember how many years I've had these. They were a Christmas gift from Mom. (I know it was her because apparently none of us in this family quite get the concept of 'Secret' Santa - - -)

Good gloves, and after all these years and a lot of service, well broken in and comfortable.

But nothing lasts forever and there comes a time, 

Yep - Won't be using the nail-brush on that finger for a while!

in this case marked by some rather intricate, prolonged, and colorful - as in mostly blue, and rather strong blue at that - dancing at the worksite, (I didn't even know I knew some of those words!)

when the old must be retired and the new and untried reluctantly sent in off the bench.


  1. YIKES!

    Aren't you gonna share the (gory) details?

    1. Well - it hurt - A LOT! But in the end it was a minor boo-boo. The nail didn't even have the grace to fall off. So all the dancing and cussing and hysterics might have been a slight over reaction - - -

    2. Over reaction? I doubt it.

      Fingers are incredibly sensitive. I don't know the number of nerve endings, but anyone whose ever gotten a cactus needle would recognize how painful this must be.

      But yer not gonna tell us how it happened, huh?

    3. Ahh! Well that's not a big deal. You see that big ol fingertip gap in the second photo? Well I didn't, but when I reached out and grabbed something, probably a rock, of which I was collected a few tubs of, (More on that project later.) a pokey bit of debris slipped right through that gap and dove in under my nail, triggering a dance shrouded in blue language-mist.

    4. I'm not much of a dancer, but I know the dance shrouded in blue language-mist. Ouch!

    5. I think we all learn that dance from our fathers then turn around and teach it to our own kids.

      You know, if you think about it, we're carrying on a time honored tradition and preserving our culture!