Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Icon

OK, maybe a week or so late, but despite the unusually cold and wet winter we've had around here this year (One that has kept me away from camping more than I'd like.) spring has officially arrived.

As I took a walk towards the back of the property on this crisp morning with just a hint of fog laying on the ground, clear skies above and the sun just breaking through the treeline to the east sending streaks of warm gold through the branches trying to hold it back for just one more minute, I had to turn around and go fetch the camera.

Though the orange-red of Indian Paintbrush is just as prevalent and the low, white blossoms of wild blackberry are showing in patches all over the place, the Texas Bluebonnet is the poster-child of a Central Texas spring.

And an upside to all the rain we've been getting is that the pond has filled to the spillway for the first time since April '09.

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