Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mid-morning Snack?

This morning I was taking a 'before' photo out across the field towards the pond for another project I have coming up.

Just after I snapped the first photo this little guy comes prancing into frame. (Look right in the center.)

You can see in this crop of the previous photo the way he/she's almost pointing, like a hunting dog.
Well, over there next to the well-house, the blue, barn shaped building partially visible on the right edge of the un-cropped photo above, is another deer.

And apparently they are related. I've seen them around for several months (After a while you get to recognizing individuals by the scares and blemishes they carry.) and I'm kind of thinking this is actually not mom, who is significantly larger, but rather sister, but hey, hungry is hungry! 

Here's another shot of the two of them from a few weeks ago. Mom is out of frame hanging out in the treeline above the top of the photo. Here you can see the scares on sister's right side, just behind her shoulder.

Sis is pretty dang bold. This shot give a better idea of where I'm standing, which is at my computer desk just inside the barn door. Here she's about 15 feet away and yes, though the main attraction is the seed the birds have thrown out of the feeder, on occasion she has threatened to kick my ass unless I throw a fresh handful of corn out there as well.


  1. Great shots ... with my crew I doubt I will have deer that close to me ... ever. It would be fun though to watch their response to someone in their yard. So ... what's the project you are getting ready to launch?

  2. We have cats, lots of cats, around. (In the 80's & 90's we lived in the Montrose area of Houston and most our friends and acquaintances were gay men who, of course, were dying off faster than we could keep track. Many of them had cats and we started taking them in. About 10 years ago we got a fresh influx and now my wife runs what amounts to an unofficial no-kill shelter as we wait for the old buggers to die off.) Point is, they don't seem to keep the deer away. In fact the deer are pretty aggressive towards the cats and I've seen them stomp the crap out of one or two that got too curious.

    As for the project, nothing earth-shattering. I like to just let the land around us behave naturally and create the eco-system it's meant to, but since we are interfering with that regardless of our intentions, once every couple years or so I shred the cleared land in order to maintain a decent fire-break as well as keep the woods at bay. At some point in the distant past a Chinaberry got in here and between that and the yupon they'd take over if left alone.