Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tradition in a Thousand Pieces

Actually, I'm not sure how long something has to be going on before it reaches official tradition status, but I'm making a unilateral proclamation here and calling it tradition anyway.  For a while now I've assembled a holiday-themed puzzle around Christmas, and this year the tradition carries on!!

This time it was one of the few Chinese-made puzzles in my collection. I prefer US made puzzles for several reasons but the only way to try out a novelty 'Shining Gold Foil' puzzle was to go Chinese.

Puzzles just don't photograph well since, unlike the human eye, the camera can't tone down the seams between pieces.

This one is called Holiday Village.

Can you see the foil bits here?

Not to worry, I can't see them well either.

The foil is supposed to be highlighting light-struck edges such as this roof-line and the edge of the tree, but I don't think it works all that well. In fact, because the image on the box didn't include the foil accents, all it did for me make identifying where individual pieces went more difficult by obscuring the underlying detail.

Not to worry though, the tradition carries on anyway. . .

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