Saturday, October 20, 2018

Crap! I'm (Michigan) Homeless

It wasn't all that long ago that I wrote a post about the strange place I think thought of as my Michigan home. A place I've never actually lived at but is was still as much home as the house I grew up in.

Now, only months later, Mom has sold that condo and moved herself into an apartment in a nearby independent living facility, leaving me homeless in Michigan. (Sure, my brother and sisters have all offered their driveways -- maybe even willingly -- but that's just not the same. . .)

No longer up for the travel she has been using to break up the long winter months, last winter's icy roads and bitter temperatures left her isolated and lonely in her beloved condo on the lake. That, along with anticipating the day she will give up driving altogether, (us kids are sooo blessed that she is a practical, forward-thinking woman that takes responsibility for herself ) prompted her to make the change.

Now she lives in her own one-bedroom apartment in a place that checks in the mornings to see if she needs anything, (there's a little gizmo on her door that lets security know if it has been opened by 11 AM or so, if not they give her a call.) has beautifully landscaped grounds to stroll, runs an extensive shuttle schedule to local shopping, activities, and churches, and has several activity rooms for games and socializing. (As this is in the area where she has lived since her early 20's, quite a few of her long-time friends live there too)

All the buildings are connected with raised, protected walkways that keep her out of bad weather (if you are familiar with Calgary, think Plus-15) which is good because this place is big, like a dozen 5-story buildings big.

For dinner, which comes with the deal, she has her choice of 4 different sit-down restaurants on the grounds, each with their own chef and menus diverse enough to keep any foodie happy, and, based on Mom-reviews, the food definitely passes muster. For other meals she has a full kitchen in her apartment or there is also a cafeteria style eatery serving a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches at an unbelievably low price.

It was clearly the right move for her to make. Now that the stress of redistributing or shedding a lifetime's worth of collected stuff is over and the sale of the condo is complete and behind her, she is relaxed and happy and looking forward to a safe, comfortable and active winter, but still. . .

That familiar spot in the driveway next to the condo is now off limits  to The Van. Those concrete steps up to the front door are no longer mine to trod. Never again will I push that door open in the morning to the sounds of Mom getting breakfast ready, or go downstairs to work a puzzle on the big game-table.

And that kind-a sucks!


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    1. When The Parents sold my childhood home it didn't really bother me much. When Mom sold the condo I've never lived in - well - it did.

  2. Wow that sounds like a great place for your Mom to live out her remaining days. Four restaurants. I have never heard of such a place and I did look a few years back when my Dad needed one. I am curios how much the cost is per month if you don't mind sharing?

    The ties with the past are hard to break.

    1. Contessa, I was impressed with the place too. Made me want to move onto her couch! (except that she only has a shorty couch not too good for normal-sized-people-sleeping)

      I've got no problem sharing numbers and such via PM, but I can't seem to get the "click here to email us" link on your blog to work for me. I did find where you published (and corrected) an email for Colin but that was back some 6 years or so ago so am hesitant to use it.