Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Arrogance Bites Me on the Butt

The other day I used up my last 2032 battery on the digital level I use for tool setups, especially on the table saw. I knew it was my last one so I added 2032's to my shopping list for the next trip to town.

Of course if I had bothered to properly check the battery bin before I made that trip instead of being so dang sure of myself I would have known I already had twice as many spare 2032's than I can use up in a year. . .

That's 5 bucks I just wasted.


  1. This story is so familiar ... it's why I have my CDs and DVDs alphabetized on the shelf. Maybe we need to put our batteries in numeric order and start a spreadsheet?? LOL

  2. I'd probably forget to update the spreadsheet. . .