Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sperm Count of Freeze-Dried Balls?

Whats the sperm count of freeze-dried balls??

I don't know and I don't want to find out!!

The greenhouse was there over that bare patch just this side of the AC units. And no, the barn is not cockeyed, just me.

So while a big chunk of the country is participating in a deep-freeze procreation experiment I'm down here moving the greenhouse because February is planting time. If we don't get our cool-season crops and tomatoes in by mid February the coming summer heat will choke them off.

While I'm going by the open doors of the barn I decide it's a good time to air up the tires, which have been neglected for a good year now since that is a normal 7' wide trailer but the 10' wide greenhouse overhangs quite a bit, making the tires hard to get at.

We've had the greenhouse up against the northeast side of the barn since south of the parking pad proved to be too harsh, sun exposure wise. But last year's crops, the ones that didn't fail outright, were pretty anemic because there just wasn't enough sun.

Made it down the steep slope off the side of the driveway then back up the hill to the southwest side of the barn without any major catastrophes! Now I just have to make sure it doesn't roll back down the hill and into the pond. . .

This year we're going to try out an exposed spot on the southwest side of the barn that gets late afternoon shade from a couple cedar trees. If that's still too much we'll drape some shade-cloth, which is probably what we should have done in the first place.

OK, leveled up, blocked in place, and tested. Yep, I've already climbed inside and jumped my considerable mass around without the thing taking off down the hill. But then again, I'd have to pay good money at Disney World for a ride like that!

Now where did I put those radish seeds? I just bought the dang things a week ago! Maybe my memory would improve, or at least not deteriorate quite so rapidly, if I tried some of that freeze-dried therapy.

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