Monday, May 11, 2020

Breaking News

We interrupt our scheduled programming of pre-recorded posts to bring you this corona related special bulletin!

This is what happens when you whine one (OK, maybe 10 or 20) too many times about missing out on the spring camping season and get told to go sit in the corner and play with your crayons - - -

A Sunrise Moonset over the Dragoons

Watchers in the Mist - Guadalupe Mountains

OK, I never promised that they were going to be accomplished efforts. Frankly it's been years since I used my "crayons"

for anything other than painting models and these were my first two renewed efforts at real artwork. But desperate times and all that. . .

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (Next week anyway) where we will find out how I fared when trying to find a spot to over-night in Sierra Vista.


  1. You had me for a second ... I thought you might had escaped out to the highway and were off to somewhere unknown.

    1. No, not ready to venture forth just yet.

      The Texas state parks have been open for day-use for a couple weeks now, but you have to go on-line and reserve your slot in the form of a printable day-pass and there are few of them within day-trip distance of us.

      They are set to open for camping (reservation and pre-printed passes only) in another week or so but there is going to be such a rush for the limited slots (25% to 50% capacity max for a while) they haven't even bothered opening up the reservation system yet.

      I think I'll just sit it out for a while longer yet and let this first rush of released inmates get it out of their system.

      We were picking up a curbside grocery order the other day and watching the number of people going in and out without masks had me thinking that one way to get used to getting back out is to go sit in a parking lot and watch people acting like it was pre-March times for a while.

      In the mean time I'll just continue to practice with my crayons and see if I can improve on the efforts posted above, which won't take much frankly. . .