Monday, May 2, 2022

What Strange Hell is This! (and a Tomato Update)

 This is a rather inconsequential post.

Even more so than most of mine.

But, in the way of those with older bodies, I've been sort of sidelined from real hiking - therfore real posts - for several months now with some sort of an Achilles injury. Nothing serious enough to completely curtail normal movement, pack-less laps around the property, the felling of trees, even collecting a couple of tubs full of rock (for the next big project) but enough to make hiking any distance with the weight of a backpack somewhat problematic. (I was sure that I was finally over it but a couple miles with a 30 pound pack the other day said otherwise.) So I'm making do with what I have - you know, post-wise. 

Injury or not, the chores don't stop, and when I say chores that often includes The Wife's latest craft project that I somehow end up working on ('but you're so much better at it than I am!' - Ha! If that's the case why do I hear 'You're doing it wrong!' so often?!) and when I glanced up as I was stringing these poor creatures up by their noses

or even more ignominiously in the case of the green cats down on the far end, by their butts, I got a creepy vibe.

As I stood up and looked at the carnage it flashed through my mind that this was the sort of stuff that ends up on Dateline or Snapped. (And I wouldn't be the guy the neighbors say 'I never would have guessed.' about. I'd be the guy they'd say 'I always knew there was something off about him!'.)

I think the cats were even more outraged after I painted their butts electric blue as they hung there unceremoniously by their tails.

I couldn't tell if that was the evil eye or just indignation.

Yep, that's definitely one of the trees there that I need to take down before it falls down. 

Fortunately I didn't get the same attitude

from the ceramic fish.

And apparently, once The Wife finished working her makeover magic on them, even the formerly weathered and peeling cats were happy with the results.

By the way, I was asked by one of my precious few readers for updates on this year's tomatoes and since I can't afford to piss off any of my already sparse audience: 

This was the state of things just after planting the seedlings on March 25

This is where we're at as of April 28.

Three of the 5 plants have reached up to the third ring on the cages, one has topped the second ring,  - - and over there on the right, the Ball's Beefsteak has barely made it over the first ring, and without a blossom in sight.

Maybe that's just the way of Beefsteaks and it will take off soon, but we have never had much luck with them in the past either. (But The Wife really loves the idea of a perfect BLT so we keep trying.)

One of them, that saucy little bitch the Sungold Cherry,  fired off her first batch so close to the ground I'm having to keep a bit of plastic down there to keep them out of the dirt.

The others are being a little better behaved and are setting fruit more traditionally.


  1. Sorry to hear of the achilles tendon issue. I have an herbal concoction a chiropractic friend developed that may help cure it. If you'll send an address via the email at the bottom of my profile, I'll send you some.

    The yard decorations are great! We have a string of Poodles that grace the front porch. They ALMOST compete with electric blue cats and fish...what a great combination!

    We figure it gives the neighbors "fair warning." You should too!

    1. Thanks for the kind offer but there was a gap between writing this post and publishing it during which things have improved on their own. I'm back to doing my laps with a backpack on now. True, its closer to day-hike weight right now but I'm working my way back up to full over-night weight.

      I have no idea what happened to those fish and cats. Other than the one cat sitting on our entryway table (which sounds grand but is really just the 1.5 sq.ft. top of a little three-drawer hanging cabinet sandwiched between the door and the main pantry cabinet in our one-room abode) the rest have disappeared, like many of her projects, into the black hole of The Wife's barn where, since the mostly feral cats that live there REALLY don't like me, I rarely go.

  2. Ah ... a BLT ... I now have a reason to go to the store today, needed the stuff to make them, plus I have been craving Sloppy Joe's lately. Hate to hear the achilles problem. I had one years ago while mowing the grass and ended up having great results with an ankle brace (thin) that I bought at CVS, to keep pressure in that area while walking. It worked.

    1. Been working the ankle pretty hard lately and it seems to be improving.

      Hey, I heard there was some excitement there in your town the other day. Though the sheriff seemed almost insulting when he said 'I'm not sure why anyone would choose this town to hide out in'.

    2. Good to hear about your ankle. Yes, they snuck into town, had pizza, a cheap hotel and someway picked up a good old caddie. Bustling with excitement and obviously a sheriff's dept that ain't that bad. I hope we don't get a flood of tourist now. LOL Oh, BTW I have been "hiding out in this town" for every year now and am yet to be found.