Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Ball, Texas style

After hours of primping
                                and fussing,

(and only a little lady-like cussing)

she was ready for the
                             Christmas Ball.

Rushing, with little time to stall,                                                     
                                        she started up the grand walkway,
where cheer poured from the doorway,                                           

                                               but before she could get there
a Texas hog came out of nowhere,                                                  
                                               all tangled up in her petticoats.

                            And just like that, that cheer turned to sour notes.
She was petrified                                                                              
But as several potential suitors vied                                                               
                                            for the privilege of setting her to rights again,
She was soon glorified                                                                          
Not wishing any of them to be denied,                                                           
                                                she gathered her wits and the games began 
as she joined the party without further pause,                                                     
                                                a gleam in her eye to rival Old Man Claus!

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