Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's Getting Crowded Around Here!

This photo was taken May 5th. She has just leapt up the bank near the bird-feeders and is obviously blaming me for having to move so quickly in her state of pregnant-ism.

but the real culprit is this Bobwhite (Oddly enough, the black-crowned Florida version and not the rust-crowned Texas variant.) who came strutting through like he was late for an assignation with his mistress, his little legs whirling round as fast as they could go as he zipped right on by the seed laying there on the ground. (Because of the unexpected encounter and some messing around I was doing just prior to that encounter I had the camera set up with a low ISO of 125 and didn't have time to change the settings, hence the slow 1/13 sec. shutter speed and rather piss-poor image.)

I took this photo last night just after sunset. She had the fawn about a week ago (At least that's when she disappeared for couple days then turned up again without the baby-bump.) and this is the first outing for the little one.

As you can work out from the 24mm focal length for this image, I was standing in plain view about 15 feet from them and neither one was too bothered.

In my experience brand new fawns take their cue from mom but within a few weeks they get pretty skittish, like this mom's fawn from last year that wants nothing whatsoever to do with me. This persists until they are around 2 then they settle down a bit again.

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