Friday, July 14, 2017

Critter Update

Jump to real-time!

Unlike yesterday's post which actually happened a few days before Easter, this one is real time. OK, so there's a 20 minute delay but that's close enough!

As you can see, Mom and The Little One are doing fine.

They have been showing up every couple days for the past few weeks.

They surprised me today by showing up at 3:45 which is right at the hottest part of the day. Right now the thermometer at my workstation where I'm standing reads 99. Normally they are bedded down in the shade somewhere around here for another couple-three hours.

But this is new! (See the split in The Little One's right ear?)

Now don't go all freaking out on me here! Stuff like this happens and he/she (Still a little early to tell though it is tempting to think those dark spots on his/her head are antler buds, even though markings like this come and go on all deer hides.) was alert, curious and not favoring or messing with that ear at all.

This just means I'll be able to positively identify him/her for years to come!

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