Monday, August 12, 2019

Dash-cam Shenanigans

I was making the weekly run into town to collect our mail - you know, just minding my own business.

(Dash-cam images aren't the greatest, which is disappointing considering how much the dang thing cost. We bought ours a long time ago and I'm sure they are better now, but we aren't too inclined to spend the money for an upgrade.)

But when you come up over a hill and the road in front of you is black with vultures, you just hope they aren't sitting there waiting for you!

Fortunately they weren't.

There was a smallish feral hog laying there and frankly I'm not sure what the attraction was. By this point it was a head attached to an empty skin, but even so, a few of the vultures were  reluctant to leave it as I approached.

Not two minutes later (It's a 17 mile one-way trip on slow, narrow, twisting county roads so the drive takes  lots of minutes but these two incidents were jammed all together.) I was stopped by this goat just hanging out in the middle of the road. Clearly she was on the wrong side of the fence, but that happens around here.

Even so, the horse desperately wanted to know what that goat was doing out there in the road and I wasn't entirely sure it wasn't going to jump the fence to get a closer look.

With the goat running down the road and the horse following as far as the fence would allow, I crept along behind, getting absolutely no help from the work-crew that was just standing there watching. (There's a small private cemetery right there and they were getting ready to do some yardwork and apparently goat-wrangling isn't in their job description.)

The road is a lane and a half wide and the goat was taking its chunk out of the middle, so I coasted along behind.

Aah, cool! She's getting tired and has had enough of this game.

Oops, spoke too soon.  Off we go again.

Finally she wanders far enough off to one side that I can nudge my way slowly up alongside her. Of course the closer I got the faster she ran, but at least this time she stayed just far enough to the side that I was able to get by.

Rear camera view

But the game wasn't over yet!

Once I got by she came back out of the weeds she had half stumbled into trying to get away from me and gave me a look that let me know in no uncertain terms I was the rudest person in the whole world and Karma was going to get me. And I'm afraid I proved her right. (The rudeness part that is.)

I backed up towards her and down the road we went again, this time in the other direction, with me in reverse.

It took forever to push her back to where I first spotted her not far from a pen full of her goat-mates, but we finally made it. (As you would expect, traffic is mostly non-existent back here so that wasn't an issue.)

I'm sure she was pretty damn glad to see the back of me as I finally returned to my original mission and headed on towards town.

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