Monday, January 18, 2021

The Kind of Guy He Was

OK, I'm interrupting my South Llano River State Park series this week because sometimes, especially after this past year, (OK, I've done my 7 day trial of 2021 and I'd like to return it now!) we need to be reminded that there is good out there as well as the ugly.

Two years ago last week The Wife's nephew lost his life while helping a victim of domestic abuse.

This, helping those in need, was not a one-off.

He had no affiliation with any organization, group, charity, or church, but, on his own, and despite his own personal challenges, he helped people. Opening his house (literally - and I use the word correctly here) and his perpetually threadbare wallet to do what he could for those society had often written off.

That's the kind of guy he was.

This is a voice-print of a line from a song he wrote. Its from a recording his sister made as he sang and accompanied himself on guitar. The original print is hanging in the home of his parents.

Last week a group of his friends, with no particular affiliation with any organization, group, charity, or church, assembled care-packages in his memory.

It was a modest effort but, thanks in part to a generous $500 contribution from a grade-school friend who has long lived out of state, donations exceeded their expectations by a factor of four, hitting the $1200 mark.

Partnering with his favorite pizza-parlor and the neighboring convenience store, these care-packages consisted of his favorite food, favorite non-alcoholic drink, and basics such as socks and underwear.

His friends then took it upon themselves to personally deliver these packages into the hands of the homeless in the area. 

That's the kind of friends he has. 



  1. Heart-warming and a great way to pay tribute to their friend.

    1. When measured by societies usual metrics of success, career, money, possessions, influence, and community standing he fell far short, but when measured by his friends and the positive impact he had on others he was far more successful than I'll ever be!

  2. A long-time love works as a paralegal in a state domestic violence office. Some years ago, as we were nearing the age of annuity, I asked if she was considering it. "Hell no," she replied. "I still have too much ass to kick!"

    I've sometimes fantasized about intervening in domestic violence, mostly with the idea of exacting revenge. At the risk of prying, I'm compelled to ask: Was he killed in action?

    1. The victim was sheltering in a closet, he was standing outside the door trying to talk the perpetrator down and ended up getting shot instead of the victim.