Thursday, April 23, 2015

Images from Pedernales (Part 3)

OK, final installment of the random images from a recent stay at Pedernales Falls SP, though this is not the last post to come from that trip. I've still got the horse camp, a couple off-the-map trails, a surprisingly good municipal nature trail, Blanco and the 2015 Wild Women of the West gathering to cover.

But for now:

Hey! Is that dude eying me for my snack-worthiness?!!!

No, this is not man-made. That's a natural stack topped by a nice big slab of limestone.

The spectacular but somewhat rare Texas Madrone tree. Yes, that's its natural color and it is alive and well.

We all got damped down a bit as showers periodically passed by.

I'm not a 'shroomer so I don't know if this is good to eat or not but that's OK because it's plenty luscious right were it's at!
As I was running through this series of photos one last time before posting them I realized that if you pay attention to my general composition of images you can tell I'm seriously left handed. . .

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