Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oh the Horror!!

I got up this morning and had to GO TO WORK!!!!!

Fiends I mean friends of mine own the Orchid Tree Park and Gallery and usually when they go out of town on their little excursions they have one or another college kid come in and look after things for them, (The main campus of Blinn College is about 20 miles away.) but that's not how it worked this time.

This time they're off gallivanting around Santa Fe and here I am minding the store!!

It's been over three years since I actually had to get my butt in gear and show up for a job!

Last time I worked retail (If you can call a high end gallery retail. . .) was at my home-town Ace Hardware back when I was in high school; and believe me, that was a long time ago!

And I have to say, the hours here are brutal!

11 to 5 two days a week!!!

Can you imagine?!

Of course, among the real art around here,

they're foolish enough (Or feel obligated enough; I haven't decided which.) to have some of my own work on display.

But still, the conditions are medieval!

Just look at the view of the campground (In high demand during the semi-annual Antiques Week Festivals.) from the back deck where I'm spending my time between patrons.

Or this little bridge I have to stroll across

in order to get to the art-walk (A work in progress) at the back of the property

where I can plop down on a stump at one of the two walk-in tent sites tucked away back there. (Which are becoming a favorite of passing bike campers, with water/electric and private shower/toilet rooms back up at the gallery.)

Uh-oh, just heard a car pull up. I guess I have to go - man it hurts to say this - go back to work.

Don't you just feel sooo soooorry for me???????

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