Monday, May 18, 2015

Say what?!!!

We had a hum-dinger of a storm system pop up around 5 this morning. After the fact the weather dudes and dudets called it a surprise storm. (I guess that's how weather seers explain away missed forecasts. 'Oh, it was a surprise.' Like that's some sort of scientific phenomenon?) By the time it was over we had several thousand lightning strikes across the county, 4 more inches of water from the sky, three hours of power outage, (Though we are near the end of the wire on a rural electric coop, in the ten+ years we've been out here our power has been very reliable, more so than when we lived in the city, and this is the second longest outage we've experienced.) and two of our normal routes to a town 30 miles away (Decent grocery stores are not around the corner for us out here.) were closed due to flooding.

The long term rainfall average for our little spot on this earth is 16.29 inches by the end of May. With this morning's contribution we are now at 25.56 inches for the year and if it keeps up we will easily exceed our long-term annual average of 40.31. Now don't get me wrong, after years of severe drought we are very careful to avoid complaining about rain around here, but for crying out loud people! time to put those rain-dances on hiatus for a bit, and those of you that have been praying for rain; Cut it out!

By now you're getting pretty bored and wondering what the point of this post is. After all, who cares about the weather way over there when I have weather right here. Right?

OK, What prompted this post was something overheard during lunch at the restaurant. (With my wife along you didn't think we could go into town without eating out did you?!!!)

I couldn't see the two women in the booth behind me, but I could certainly hear them. (Whatever happened to inside voice??) I'm pretty good at tuning people out, (Just ask my wife!) but I couldn't help but hear one of them say, "It was so bad I couldn't see to pull over, or slow down, or nuthin'!"

At first it was pretty funny. In fact in our booth the piggin'-out was interrupted with half choked giggles there for a bit. (Didn't want them to know their private conversation wasn't so private in case they came up with any more gems like that.)

But then;  Wait! What?!

So bad she couldn't slow down?!!

Holy Carp!! Who is this woman and what's she driving because I sure as hell don't want to be anywhere near her out there on the road;   Ever!

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