Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An Ignominious End to an Old Freind

 OK, maybe ignominious is a little strong, but to call it a sad end just didn't seem to do her justice.

You see, it's laundry day today. I know it's laundry day when I get up in the morning and pull my last pair of socks out of the drawer.

All was going well as I fished through the hamper and my hangars, loading the laundry basket, until it came time to drop my old friend in. At that point I was informed, strongly, by the one that has to look at me every day, that my old bangin'-around-the-property companion would not be making that particular trip anymore.

Nope, the only trip she would be making this morning was into the trash can.

Apparently my old friend could be forgiven the frayed and shapeless collar.

The semi-detached pocket that couldn't be trusted to hold anything anymore.

Even the cuffs hanging on by a few threads

But it seems that the extra ventilation opened up on the back a few days ago by a helpful cedar branch as I was squeezing by was just a little too much. . .

Goodbye old friend

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