Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prenatal Care

Not sure it's often prescribed for human mothers-to-be, but the expectant doe seems to crave a handful of field corn once a day. In fact, if I forget she'll come stare in the window until she guilt's me into tossing some out.


  1. I'm surprised they get that close. My "bodyguards" may have something to prevent that here. I'm glad to see that someone else has to be reminded it's time to eat.

  2. Sometimes it's too close. She'll (And she's not the only one, we have a couple of nubby-headed bucks around right now too.) stand there 15 feet away and let me toss a few kernels at a time to her. (The bucks prefer to wait up on the bank about 25 feet away until I'm done tossing, twitching and stamping their feet at me the whole time.)