Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Indignity of Pregnancy!

Yesterday the deer didn't turn up under the feeder in the morning like she has been lately. Could be she was just having a lye-in, but when she hadn't shown by late afternoon I wondered if she was dealing with a new-born fawn, in which case it would be several days before we saw her again.

I wandered the property and from afar checked out the spots I know she's been bedding down, but nothing. Then just as I was sharing my speculation with the wife the doe turned up under the bird feeders. By then it was a little dark for photos but she showed up a little earlier today (But still not until later in the day.) and I was able to photographically document a couple of the indignities of being pregnant.

First, pregnancy plays hell with the girlish figure!!

I mean where the hell did that come from??!!!

Yet even with all that extra room in there, the evil creature inside wants more! I don't know if that's a foot or nose or elbow, but I do know that's one heck of a lot of pokin' going on!

And I know it's barely visible in this still photo, but I stood there for several minutes (She was hanging around so in case I had the urge to throw more corn it wouldn't go to waste. Wasn't that thoughtful of her?) and watched that pokey bulge move all over as if looking for a way out. (Remember Alien??!) At one point there was two of those bulges moving around side-by-side. Freaky!!

And this has nothing to do with deer or pregnancy or aliens, but as I was standing there taking photos of the former this guy flew in and landed at the pond, which is pretty unusual.  Not the having him in the pond part, that happens fairly often, but these guys are very jittery and usually won't fly in and land if I'm standing out in view. In fact I have lots of fuzzy photos of them flying away because that's usually what they do if they're already down there when they see me.

OK, after taking that photo above the doe decided I wasn't going to throw anymore corn and moved on. (Corn is fine as a treat but unhealthy as a substitute for their normal diet so I only throw out a handful.) But in the time it's taken to process the photos and write this entry, she decided to come back and play the short-term memory loss card. She's standing on the hill above the feeders with her head down staring at me. "What da ya mean I already had some?!!!  I don't remember that!! Now give me some more!"

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