Monday, May 2, 2016

It Sucks to be Me

Well,maybe not all the time. . .

OK, OK, so the truth is it hasn't sucked to be me in a long long time. (One day I'll have to tell you about the Christmas of '77.)

And life continues to be good to me.

The other day I was out at the workbench when my wife came out with a large bowl in her hand.

"Can you think of anything else you might want in here?" she asked.

Now once in a while I'm smart enough that I don't have to be slapped up-side the head to recognize a good thing, so I leaned over, took a good whiff of the heady mix of aromas wafting up, and said, "I can't think of what it would be!"

(When I showed her this photo later and asked what all was in there she said "Oh I don't remember specifically. Just all the things you like". I do know that there is garlic and onions and mustard, several different kinds of basil, chipotle, and three different kinds of exotic salts, but that still doesn't account for everything!)

Satisfied that I was satisfied, she went back inside, tossed everything together, (I couldn't resist so I followed her and snapped this photo of the first mixing.) then zapped small batches a couple times each in our miniature food processor, careful not to turn the conglomeration into dust.

The final step was to decant the processed mix into a couple of small, airtight bottles for immediate use with the rest going into a larger container destined for the freezer.

OK, so actually the final step was to toast up a little bread on the grill, get out the fancy olive oil, (This batch is extra virgin from Seville with, and I quote, 'an intense nose with fresh vegetable aroma and buttery full flavor'.) and give the new mix a test drive.

Oh yeah, life is good!!!


  1. Looks good enough to ship. Need my mailing address? lol

    1. No way man! That goodness is all mine!!

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