Tuesday, November 22, 2016

As Dad Used to Say, There's a Fungus Amungus!

The other morning, as is my ritual, I opened up the barn and stepped out to scan the area and see whats up, and this cute little guy, about twice the size of my thumb, was sitting out there. But you have to be fast!

I took this photo only a couple hours later.

The one on the left is the same guy from the first photo, already all puffed up and finned out, with two more at different stages coming up fast behind it. (Is anyone else reminded of the video of a kid hiding under the bride's skirts?)

Some fungi are particularly partial to dead oak.

Farther down the hill from the little white umbrella dudes (Not a mycologist so I don't know the official name.) is the remains of an old rotted oak stump

and this meaty specimen found it an ideal growing spot.

Don't you just want to slice that into a hot buttered frying pan?? Yummy!! But again, not a mycologist so I didn't give into temptation. . .

But maybe it's not as meaty as it looked??  This is how I found it the next day. At first I thought maybe something else ate it, but it kind of looks like that gooey stuff around the base of the stems might be what's left of the 'shroom.

I just went down and took another look and there's a centipede, a couple beetles and a bunch of other insects crawling around in the goo and none of them look to be trippin', but still, I think I'll leave them too it anyway.


  1. That's quite a transformation in a short period of time. I can never tell what's good or bad to eat, so I have to let the local professionals give me some to fry.

  2. When I was a kid we used to collect certain mushrooms out in the woods with dad, but I didn't pay enough attention and wouldn't try that now!!

  3. Nice photos. We used to pick mushrooms to eat but now we just go mushroom hunting to photograph and enjoy their beauty.

    1. Yep, the camera is the tool of choice now days.

      As we used to say in the service: one day and a wake-up then y'all will be finished there! Yahoo!