Monday, August 2, 2021

Mythical Trailhead and a Missed Hike


Off of the eastern edge of Caprock Canyon's State Park, circled in red, is an orphaned bit of park with a stand-alone trail through it.

This is the 6 mile, out-and-back Old Ranch Road Trail that doesn't connect to any other trails and can't be reached from inside the park proper.

Since I seemed to be on a roll vis-a-vi hiking previously unhiked trail sections today, (Apr 28) I decided to head on over there. 

To get there you drive out of the park entrance, go east for a little bit on RanchRoad 1065 then turn north onto County Rd 29. But have your GPS handy because there are no road-signs out here. It's just a sharp left turn from one dusty road sandwiched between fence-lines onto another.

But first, before you get there, just outside the park entrance where the pavement ends, you have to brave this sign.

But frankly I thought the issue was overstated. Though I certainly wouldn't try driving it when it was sloppy-wet I had no problems getting the 7000 pound, 2-wheel drive Van down the road.

As seems to be the norm with roads like this, it was roughest near the beginning where it services a couple private properties,

but once past those and into the more remote area the road smoothed out considerably and was in pretty dang good shape,

though it was a bit soft in places and should be driven smooth and gently, as if on fresh snow.

I'm calling this the mythical trailhead because when I got there

there wasn't a parking area so much as just a wide spot where the old road turned off the county road.

and my plans to hike this designated trail were squashed by a locked gate

and this badly weathered paper sign.

After struggling to read the date, (No, it wasn't just the camera and sun. It was very difficult to read parts of this in person too.) I figured out that if I return on New Years Eve of this year I may be able to get back there for that hike.

So taking that sign as a sign, I turned back and aimed The Van at the refuge of my comfortable campsite.

But - you know, just to put a period on the day - before I could get there I had to pause and endure a round of slow-moving buffalo-butt.


  1. I think your name is in the Buffalo Hall of Fame. They know where you are better than Facebook and Google.

    1. I wonder if they are tracking my phone???