Monday, September 5, 2022

Dang It !!

 Just when my legs were about back to their normal state, you know, breathtakingly beautiful,

this had to happen!

No, it's not Monkeypox. It's been diagnosed as Gramina Mententis Ilix Vomatoria Idicus.

For those that don't speak the dead, and partially made up, idioma I'll translate: "The idiot ran the zero-turn lawn-mower feet first into a stand of Youpon - with his glasses on and eyes wide open!"

And yes, it stings like hell, especially when soaping it up while the shower beats down on it!

At my current age-induced sluggish pace of healing it will be months before my legs are pretty again!

 Oh, and we're not even going to talk about the Micky-Mouse (I prefer bull but The Wife says Micky-Mouse) shaped divot in my head because it's taking me forever to learn to duck low enough (Thunk - Dang-it!) under the fallen tree that has been slowly settling down over one of my trails - - -


  1. Awwww, maaaAAAANNN! Now, where'd you leave that damned Debreather?!!

    1. It was a devastating blow to my vanity but somehow I managed to talk myself down off the debreather ledge!

    2. Ah! Brave heart! Thy leg shall heal! And though yea may need to sequester for the duration, tale solace in knowing myriad plastic surgeons are standing by in hopes thy vanity cannot endure a lingering scar.

    3. Unfortunately I couldn't begin to afford all the work it would take to make me pretty! Too many bumps and scars would need repairing.