Friday, January 17, 2014


The family story is that I went on my first camping trip when I was all of a few months old and I’ve been at it ever since. I’m retired now and have more time to pursue the blue lines, as William Least Heat Moon called them, wander museums and monuments, get in some hiking and just plain chill. So, though it smells suspiciously like Delusions of Grandeur, that grand old dame of scents only the wearer enjoys, I thought I’d try this blog thing out. (Besides, it might come in handy some day for reliving the glory days if my future holds a failing memory.)

The fact is I’ve been retired for nearly two years now and already have several trips written up and ready to post. So fair warning to anyone who might feel the tug of temptation at the thought of my home base being vacant while I’m irresponsibly rambling around the countryside elsewhere; I won’t be posting trip reports while I’m actually on the road, I’ll be saving them up and posting them with gusto from the comfort of my dining table. If that sounds like just a little bit of paranoia – well – maybe, but I prefer to think of myself as careful instead, it saves on the cost of therapy.

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