Monday, June 29, 2020

Enough With the Bad! Let's Find the Good!

The current times are challenging!

More for some than others.

And I acknowledge (Which I'm trying to do without being smug about it - but normally I have so little to be smug about in the social life-style realm, so it's hard not to.) that I fit firmly in the latter group - you know - the "others".

After all, it's not like I sat around a table playing cards every second Wednesday while indiscriminately sharing a bowl full of Chex-mix, or gathered with friends in a too-crowded booth at the local watering hole most Friday evenings before all this pandemic stuff happened. Prior to February of this year you would have been hard pressed to find me at a parade, or amusement park, or mall, or any other place with more than a handful of people, so not being able to get out there and do that sort of stuff today is no skin off my nose.

We're blessed out here with a decent-sized, isolated bit of property where we can roam without fear of encountering any of the dreaded infected. (At this point in time everybody, including us, should be considered as infected, whether showing symptoms or not.)

And when this all kicked off we didn't have jobs to lose. We didn't run out of toilet paper and disinfectants. We weren't caught short on basic food supplies, or even masks and hand-sanitizer. (Still haven't had to buy any of the latter two items.) That's because we are always stocked up and prepared for a disruption in our oh-so fragile manufacturing and distribution network to ensure that we can just sit back, stay home and keep out of the way during the panic buying phase that is inevitable.

But! (OK, cue the teeny-tiny violin because here comes the whining) It hasn't been all sunshine, peaches, and pealed grapes either. I have, after all, missed the entire spring camping season. (Which means The Wife has had to put up with me being home the whole time, and that's no picnic for her either!) And I'm not going to be surprised if my summer plans and next fall's camping season are trashed as well. Hell, at this point I'm not even going to be surprised if next winter-spring are also a bust, traveling wise. Devastated yes, surprised, no.

But there is some good to be found in all this.

For instance, because of The Virus (I can say that now and everyone knows what I'm talking about, but in 5 years it may be too ambiguous. We can hope anyway!) I can show off the splendid results of my extensive beauty regime without compromising my social-media security!!

(Hummm. Maybe I should have put on my go-to-town hat. That ragged-out barn hat is riding a little low on my ears there. . .)


  1. That’s a great pic!

    It’s been a really weird year. I feel like I’m treading water until 2021. At least I’ll be a year closer to the senior pass.

    1. Oh yeah, how could anyone resist that pic??

      I guess I'm destined to become the darling of social media now. . .

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  2. head out off the grid if you can find a spot. Im being told even those areas are packed with new escapees.

    1. I think I'm going to try a few day-trips after the July 4th crap settles down just to get in some real hiking. Of course the nearest decent hiking is 6 to 8 hours round trip so it will be some long days.