Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tales From the Road: First Wheels Update

Last month I was up in Michigan visiting family.

One evening Mom and I grabbed a photo album at random from the bookcase full of albums in the guest/sewing room.

As we flipped through it page by page, pausing at random intervals to squint and marvel at some of the photos, I discovered a couple I didn't know existed.

They are old and tiny snapshots, but they're still a record of my first car from back in 1971 that I didn't know existed. (The photos that is, I knew the car existed!)

Isn't she a beaut??

At this point she was fresh from the maintenance shop at Dad's work with a new coat of Construction Equipment Yellow paint, though I doubt she'd ever be mistaken for a bulldozer.

Of course, the first order of business is a good wash and wax, and that's dad way over there on the right making sure I do a proper job of it!!

Now you have to understand that in our house washing and waxing was considered a necessary life skill and my brother and I were waxing our bicycles all by ourselves long before we had racked up enough birthdays for a car, but - well - I guess Dad thought there was no sense in taking any chances!!

(I haven't bothered obscuring any faces to protect the innocent because, unfortunately, I no longer look anything like the virile young stud pictured here. . . OK, so in reality I was part of the geek squad before there was a geek squad, but at least I was young!!!)

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