Thursday, May 10, 2018

No Room At The Inn; Now I Know Why

I was wondering why I had so much trouble snagging a reservation at Pedernales State Park. At first I put it down to spring break, then Easter, but the two weeks following Easter??

I finally settled for a long-range Sunday-through-Thursday reservation and once I got there understood the issue.

At least half, though it seems like more than half, of the campsites are closed down, but not because of any work on the sites themselves,

rather the issue is lack of shitters!

One of the two bathroom buildings in the campground, probably dating from the early 70’s when the park opened, is gone and in the process of being replaced by this upgraded version.

The new building sure is purty,

but the original still functioned and I didn’t think it was all that bad.

Then again, they didn’t ask me. . .

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