Monday, August 27, 2018

1 Shop Full Of Tools + 3 Old Men = Destruction!

What happens when you take 3 unsupervised old men, (my brother, a long-time friend of his, and me)1 shop full of tools, and one pair of $5 garage-sale binoculars have been dropped onto a hard surface and are now all wonky?

"Well hell, they’re already broke,

whata we gona do? Break em worse?"

"Cool! I always wanted ta see what’s in there!"

"Crap! This dang bit won’t unscrew."

"Well we got just the tool for that!"

"OK, Now ya think we can get that back together again?"

"I spose we can try. . ."

"Which one of us was supposed to be keeping track of what went where?"

"uh oh.. ."

"Oh well.  At least we got all these cool bits and pieces. Think we can start a fire with some of em??"

"Well. . . Maybe first we should get back to what we were supposed to be doing out here." (As in building that trailer there in the background of this last photo. . .)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it was fun, but that half-finished trailer wasn't getting any more finished. . .