Sunday, June 22, 2014

North Country: The long drive east

Jun 22 2013

Today was all about driving, about 400 miles worth, as I worked east across Wisconsin and Michigan’s upper peninsula to a campground near St. Ignace. Farthest single driving day so far this trip, though there are a couple longer days coming up at the end of the trip.

The reason for the long day is that I got word that the wedding preparations could use a little extra help so I'm going to get down there a few days early to pitch in. Our family has a history of sensible weddings where we do much of the work ourselves and utilize backyards and our own shop buildings as venues. As always there's lots to get done so I'm on my way to pitch in.

Fog and rain started the day and fog is finishing the day. In between there were areas of pretty good visibility and it did lighten up a few times, but it never got any better than light grey, no sun today.

I feel a little bit like I’m in the twilight zone here, and not because of the fog. It’s a Saturday at the end of June a few miles from Mackinaw Island, one of the biggest attractions in the state, and I’m sitting in a campground with about two dozen occupied sites out of 170! I expected hoards of people to be crawling around. I called a few days ago to see if I could make a reservation. Now I know why, after confirming plenty of space available, the guy asked if I still wanted to make the reservation.

What happened to the Michigan summer weekenders!!?

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