Thursday, November 20, 2014

Problem solving

OK, it's only  a little problem and not worth receiving any awards over, but it still needed to be solved!

The setup:

A couple successive nights of hard freeze are forecast; I don't want to winterize the van since I'll be using it through the winter; There's a 27' 7000 lb. travel trailer sitting in the way on the RV pad; The travel trailer is winterized and doesn't need to use it but my 25' shore-power cord won't stretch the 45' needed to reach from the van to the RV power post.

The solution:


The only other power available to run the little 1000 watt electric heater I use to keep the inside of the van from getting down to freezing is inside the barn. After unreeling the 20 amp power cord and carefully laying it so the barn doors don't pinch anything when I close them, I connected it to the van's shore power cord via a 20 to 30 amp adapter. A couple buckets keep the decidedly non-weather proof, (Not even weather resistant!) conglomeration protected.

It doesn't look very elegant but it did the job.


  1. Great idea. Sometimes some off the wall improvising is the best way to go. I would have to type it into my iPhone notes or take pictures like you did and blog about I could remember how to do it in future

    1. I just made a couple checklists myself a few days ago to help out with that remembering thing, but I have to say, the older I get the more convinced I am that that whole remembering thing is over-rated.

      If remembering was out of the picture just think about all the great sporting events you could watch over and over again and they would be brand new every time!!!