Friday, August 19, 2016

When Tires Attack!!

Sounds a bit like the title of a horror story doesn't it. And for a brief moment there it was.

Around here August is when we start thinking about the fall garden. It's time to get the tomato seeds started and this is a perfect time to get many herbs, especially the Mediterranean herbs, going. Plenty hot enough for the seeds to germinate but the heat will soon be easing up so the young plants aren't too stressed.

We have a little wagon that comes in handy for mixing small batches of growing medium, but when I drug it out this morning the off-side rear tire was completely flat.

No big deal, these small tires typicality don't hold air all that well anyway, so I'll just give it a shot of fresh stuff.

Well that didn't work out so well. . .

About a second and a half into my usual two second shot of air there was an almighty BANG, and that was the last thing I heard for a while. . . which can't be good for my already raging tinnitus.

Fortunately, other than temporary deafness and underwear, the only casualty was a couple burns where bits of rubber shrapnel rocketed across my hand.

Well - there was the ruined tire and tube as well. . .


 but those can be replaced.


After a shot of air to check that my spare tube wasn't leaky; because finding that out afterwards would suck; I pulled the valve core and stuffed the tube into the replacement tire.

A splash of soapy water to ease reassembling the hub

Another shot of air; though I have to admit I was a little gun-shy about this step. . .

And we were back in action!!

Now if only I could remember why I needed the wagon in the first place. . .

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