Friday, December 16, 2016

Equipment Failure!

OK, it happens every time.

My boot-laces wear out before the boots do.

Before the liner is worn through on the inside, before the sole starts separating from the upper on the outside,

and the aging footwear is retired from the field to become the latest slip-on barn-boots, bumping the previous barn-boots, by now leaky and mostly lug-less, into the trash.

And the laces always fail at the same place, Right there at the last eyelet before the hooks. Too much tugging as I lace them up I guess.

Tying broken boot-laces back together with a square knot is always an option, but new laces are just so - well - luxurious.

Which is why I always carry a spare set with me in The Van.

But note to self: the boots use 60" laces, not the 72" laces I bought as spares. . .

(Dang it!)


  1. LOL ... that's good planning right there. 72" bought instead of 60" is why I use the "notes" on my iPhone ... it's an expensive way to keep my memory in tact.

    1. Hey! I can either remember where I put the spare laces, or I remember that I made a note about them somewhere, but at my age I can't be counted on to remember both!!