Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sunrise over Lake Arrowhead

I don't know what causes this, whether it's conditioning or genetics or just plain perversity, and don't hate me for it, but I'm an early riser. Mornings are my productive time and sunrises are my norm.

Even when I've stayed up well past my bedtime watching the lakeside world go by under the Beaver Moon,

at the first sign of the sky lightening in the east I'm up and ready to start the day.

OK, so yes, this is the perfect moment to be quietly contemplating the world with a steaming mug of coffee cupped in my hands, but, and if you didn't already hate my perky sunrise ass before this will do the trick, I don't drink coffee. . .Not at dawn, not ever. . .

As is the nature of full moons, they rise when the sun is setting and they set when the sun is rising. In case you can't make it out, that's the windshield and hood of The Van dominating the left-bottom of the photo. A little more light would have picked out the windshield wipers better and helped establish the shot, but by then the moon would have been below the horizon.

In my defense, I'm hardly the only thing up and stirring at dawn.

If you watch closely, shortly before it happens nature signals just exactly where the sun is going to peek up over the horizon,

but you have to be ready,

because the actual sunrise happens

with astonishing speed

and it will only be moments before the sun is up high enough to be casing shadows.

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