Monday, March 6, 2017

Remodeling The Van: The Reveal

OK, is it reveal or revile? I guess it all depends on your point of view.

Was it worth it?  Again, that's up to the individual, so if you want to venture an informed opinion I offer the following before and after photos.

But whatever your final thoughts, I started here, with an idea and a stack of raw materials

And 180 hours later I was ready to draw a line under this project and call it done.

(From the days when I was producing stuff for sale I've got a box with three separate hour meters mounted in it, each with a little clip below for the name of the project assigned to it, a switch to start and stop the meter and a green light beside the switch to tell me if a meter is running. I decided it would be interesting to dust that off and keep track of the hours I put into this remodel. As if it makes any difference. . .)

This is the original door #6 that we've been following in this series.

And here's the new version.

Original door #7, which is over the counter/sink so it's one I spend a lot of time looking at up close.

And the new version.

The original kitchen counter array

The new kitchen cabinets

The original overhead cabinets above the gaucho.

The new cabinets.

The old 'fridge stack' back when I still had the micro and TV.

Note the original-original doors under the fridge. The ones The Van was delivered with. I'm not sure why I didn't change these out 6 years ago when I did the other doors, but I didn't. And for all that time I also left that boring old insert in the fridge door, again inexplicably since in the previous van, which had the same model fridge, I did a big hand carved lizard insert of Walnut and Maple.

This time I corrected both of those issues with the new 'fridge stack'.

And that's my homage to Greene and Greene. I'm not sure they would approve, but I can hope.

OK, some of you may have noticed a few additional items in the 'after' photos that I haven't talked about yet. I have one more post coming where I'll cover those.


  1. With one 'fantastic!', one 'wow!!' and an off-the-books 'ehh', and following the example of our megalomaniacal president - wait. what? - OK, a couple men in black suits and dark glasses just showed up and informed me that a certain person does NOT like being called a megalomaniac (I've heard rumors that he prefers Emperor.) so I better cease and desist or I won't get invited to any more press conferences.

    So as I was saying, following in the footsteps of an unnamed person of power, I declare the polls closed and myself the clear and undeniably popular winner.

    Oh yeah - And I swear on my adviser's heads that there was no secret contact with the Russian government that may, or may not, have influenced the outcome!

  2. LOVE the new cabinets with the etching big brother. So much classier. WHAT! Did I just use the word "classier" in a sentence adjacent to a sentence with big brother in it?? It's ARE getting old. gem

    1. Awww, thanks for that old crack (Closser to Medicare than you are!!) but if you're going to get all mushy about it I'm going to have to put the 'No Girls Allowed' sign back up on the clubhouse