Friday, March 17, 2017

Yep, It's Spring in Central Texas

(Which, in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, over the past ten years has morphed into Antiques Two and a Half Weeks, during which the area is to be avoided at all costs!!)

and Wildflowers

(Beware of otherwise intelligent parents pulling over along busy, 75 MPH highways, flipping the doors open without a care, and spilling out their little kids to run amok while the 'adults' pursue the obligatory child-in-the-wildflowers photo.)


  1. Greg,

    Look on the bright side, the BP MS150 bike ride is 2 weeks later than usual this year, so you'll have a couple of weeks to enjoy the cyclists coming by the homestead on a regular basis after Antiques Weeks is over:-)

    I think the local big box store is having a special on rock salt if you know what I mean....

    1. Last year's storms cut a 20' ravine right through one of the local roads so all but the local riders found other routes that kept them away from us during the 2016 season. But just last month they got around to putting in a new bridge so we'll have to see what that does for us this year.

      The local bike riders, only a few dozen at most, are just a minor annoyance, it's the hundreds of BP sponsored riders from the city out in massive, but unsupervised, group practice rides that are the issue, blocking the roads entirely as if those of us that actually live here don't count.

      I've found that just the sound of a shotgun will knock a few off their bikes, shut most of them up, (You would think, us being at the top of a hill no matter which direction you're going, they would be out of breath but oh man can they chatter, and chatter and chatter 'til it drives you nuts!) and the concussion seems to focus all of them on the business of getting on down the road so we locals can once again get on with our lives.

      Being a bike rider, of sorts, myself, and with an MS stricken cousin, I should be more sympathetic, but I guess it was that year they set up a break and drink station at the top of our driveway and refused to let us into our own property until I had to sic the sheriff on them that soured it. Or maybe it was all the trash and piss-filled bottles they left behind. . .