Saturday, May 17, 2014

Now she's wearing black garters!

OK, more like suspenders but garters got your attention didn't it!

Actually, I took some stretchable netting, the kind designed to hook up over the opening of a cupboard or cubby in order to keep the contents in place when tossing around on the high seas or lurching down back roads, and created some suspended shelves in a few of my overhead compartments.

It was a pretty simple project. I screwed some of the plastic hooks that come with the netting, into the sides and back of the compartments at the desired height and suspended the netting in place off them. (Suspenders - garters - get it?!) Some of the screws that came with the netting were too long and would have come through the cupboard sides in places I didn't want them to come through so I used shorter screws of my own, but that was all there was to it.

I didn't add any new 'stuff' to the cupboards but now I have a convenient shelf in three of them that simplifies the storage situation.

I have since been out camping (Write-up coming soon.) and everything stayed right were it was supposed to and now it takes less digging and pawing to get my hands on the goods I'm looking for.

One of the nets before any suspending was done. This is the larger of the three
and will go in the long cabinet over the couch.

The simple but elegant (Nothing but the best for my lady! Oh, but don't tell
my wife I said that!!) and effective hooks by which the netting will be suspended.

And in place over the couch. Now my cold weather hats, gloves, etc. aren't laying
on top of my flutes and spare sheets.

I have two of these smaller cupboards but I'm only showing one
because my mom always told me to never air my dirty underwear
in public and that's what's in the other cupboard, though they're
not dirty, I swear!!

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