Thursday, May 29, 2014

High heels

I love the simplicity of my van. Being able to drive up, park, step into the back and immediately commence living without worrying about hookups or slide-outs gives me a warm-fuzzy, but lately I've been finding myself parked in spots that aren't quite as level as I would like. I don't know about you but sleeping with my feet too much higher than my head - well - it's not really sleeping so much as laying there waiting for your head to explode is it? And having to use one hand to hold the pan level so the pancakes don't all ooze down to the low side gets old fast.

So I gave the lady a pair of high heels the other day. I even gave her a choice. Flats for those days when she wants to go barefoot, 1 1/2" heels for those days when when she needs just a little sass and 3" spikes for when she's feeling dangerous.

They're not Gucci, or Prada, or even Walmart, but they'll do the job.

As usual, if you want to punish yourself with the gory details of how I built these and where they get stored, click here.

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