Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting the lady

If you remember, I recently added some bling to the van in the form of new window shades.

Well once the momentum started it was hard to stop and now I've added a little paint to her. OK, it's not exactly paint, but prints pulled from paintings is close enough.

I have a half dozen different prints by George Boutwell, a decidedly Texas artist and now, years after buying them, I have a place to display them in all their glory.

No, not all at once, I don't have enough wall space in the van for that, but the frame can be pulled off the wall and the print changed out for one of the others anytime I get a wild hair.

As before, if you dare to delve into the gritty details on this project click here to go to my other blog, the one where I keep all-things-non-travel.


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