Monday, February 3, 2014

US50 - Phase 1: Finally on the road!

September 19 2012
On the Road!

After pushing the actual start date back as far as I could and still be able to make it to Michigan on schedule, I got the wheels rolling this morning. Once I was actually driving today it got easier, but I’m not sure if that’s because I'm getting into the whole idea of the trip or if it’s simply a function of having a task (The activity of driving.) to concentrate on. I suspect it might be the latter at this point.

But anyway, I’ve been over this ground time and time again for the last 30 years, through Houston and across Louisiana and Mississippi, so I’m just making miles today. Which is pretty much all I have left myself time for.

Left this morning after sunrise and hit Houston just after the morning rush. Then I kept right on going until after dark when I ended up in a truck stop a little south of Montgomery AL for the night. The van works out very well for this since I can park inconspicuously in a standard car slot off to the side somewhere and have everything I need without even opening the door if I don’t want to.
The bed in the van is much more firm than the one at home but I didn’t have any trouble sleeping. I guess since I’ve been practicing moving from the bed at home to this bed on a weekly basis for the past two years that shouldn’t be a surprise.

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