Saturday, February 8, 2014

US50 trip: Interlude

OK, from Sep 25 through Oct 4 there isn't anything of interest to the travel reader, unless you happen to be part of my clan - and even then I'm not sure. . .

I was on a schedule and started off by blasting my way north up through Ohio, past some familiar, but otherwise unremarkable ground,(Used to frequent Findley OH for work.) and ended up in Mom’s driveway. (When visiting like this I prefer to stay in the van, even when it's parked in someone's driveway. All my stuff is in there, it's comfortable and saves on people having to set up their guest room for me.)
The next morning I went over to the airport with Mom and picked up Pablo to start what is probably the longest ‘family time’ visit I’ve had with them since leaving home when I was 17.

It went something like this:

Airport to pick up Pablo
Dinner with Mom, Pablo, Gail & Lori at Mom’s house
Dinner with Mom, Pablo, Jeff, Renee, Brandon, Jennie, Hank, Nicole and Lane at Jeff & Renee’s house
Shopping for Pablo’s grandkids (That’s right. Grandkids!)
Open house with Mom, Pablo, Jeff, Renee, Brandon, Jennie, Hank, Nicole, Lane, Gail, Lori, Aunt Marg, Keith, Cindy, Bonnie and Pam at Mom’s house
Lunch with Mom, Pablo and Gail at Gail’s house
More shopping
Visit Uncle Roy and Dad’s graves with Mom and Pablo
Lunch with Aunt Marg, Mom and Pablo at Aunt Marg’s house
Check out St Anne’s church where we used to go back in the 60's-70's
Check out the old high school where we also used to go
Check out the lake (Walled Lake)
Visit Rick at the nursing home then over to Bonnie’s house for a bit
Lunch with Jeff, Renee and Pablo
Help Jeff and Pablo start building this year’s snow machine at Jeff’s shop
Dinner with Jeff and Pablo.
A day at Frankenmuth, including lunch, with Mom, Pablo and Gail; Oh, and more shopping!
Final evening at Mom's with Pablo

A lot to cram into a little more than a week!

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