Sunday, February 9, 2014

US50 phase 1: Rising Sun

Oct 5
Early start today. I had to set the alarm last night in order to get up at 3 AM to get Pablo to the airport. I then came back to Mom’s where I hung out over breakfast long enough for the worst of the traffic to die down before heading back south to continue my tripus interuptus.

Stopped and used the free dump facility at Cabela’s at Dundee MI to empty/fill the tanks, first time this trip, then on south to pick up US50 at Cincinnati. I used IH275 to go around to the west side of the city and picked up US50 near Lawrenceburg then promptly left it again for US56 which sticks pretty close to the Ohio River. I couldn’t help but look at the levies towering over my head with some distrust, remembering a trip in 2011 where I had to detour through Missouri and Oklahoma as the Mississippi flooded further south and levies were blown up since it was determined that flooding family farms was preferable to flooding cities that had been carelessly built in the natural flood plain.

True to the theme of this trip, I had to work my way through a street carnival right in the middle of Aurora to continue on my way. Clear of all that I went and made a wrong turn into one of those campgrounds that’s not really a traveler’s stop so much as a temporary-permanent neighborhood, before finally getting to where I was headed.

I’m staying the night at a campground right on the Ohio river just east of a town with the cool name of Rising Sun Indiana. The campground is having a Halloween celebration this weekend (Of course!) and many of the campsites are decorated for the festivities. Fortunately, since I have very little candy with me, I’m getting out of here before the official festivities start on tomorrow!
The campground is in two sections, almost like two separate campgrounds sharing one office, with one up by the road on higher ground and the other about a quarter mile away right down on the banks of the river where I'm sure things can get a little wet in the spring. I'm in the river unit and it's relatively peaceful down here. I can feel myself starting to decompress as I walk the bank.


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